Maps of France

Select areas in France

Automatic Excel map of employment areas in France.

Customizable base map of the borders of France, Italy and Switzerland.

Interactive map with full administration for coloring, opening links on new pages, editing text.

Customizable map of the countries bordering France.

Editable map of french old departments for Word, Excel and Powerpoint 2007/2010, 2016/365.

Map set of the new regions, departments, head towns of France ready to change for ms office Word®, Excel® and PowerPoint®.

Illustrator and EPS map of french departments with names.

Vector map of the reliefs of France built in editable layers. This map is part of the L2011 Series compatible with the other layers such as roads, traditional countries, counties and regions, communanutés municipalities, cities ...

Vector map file illustrator, svg, psd

Editable french postal codes vetor map.

Customizable base map of United Kingdom and France boundaries.

2017 Vector base map of towns of France in with departmental boundaries.

Customizable base map of Belgium and France boundaries.

Old townships named of France and overseas, vector map layers in Illustrator formats, EPS, PDF and SVG. Detail of the Paris region. Provided with the Excel and Csv listing of cantons of France (source: INSEE).

France departments (provinces) stylized Vector map. Eps, Svg, Flash Files.

Free clickable map of France no database, configurable as needed. Html 5 Compatible Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9 and +, Safari, Opera.

Organize your points on this map of France through the intuitive and complete management. Source files provided. You can create your own icons and points of interest ... Unlimited number of points

Vector french departments map , emf/wmf files.

Raster and vector map of the new 2016 regions and departments of France and Dom, with names of departments and capital cities and regional capitals of departments. Each region or departement is a separated vector object.

Map of France for Excel : check your datas, select your colors and that's it !

3 maps pack: departements,regions 2015 and new regions 2017.

Customizable interactive map of french departements . Compatible with all media.

Excel macro map of French constituencies with identifier of the 577 legislative districts, vba code interacting with the map, caption by editable color palette.

Svg map of the French electoral districts 2017.

Interactive and responsive map for location of towns and villages in France.

Customizable map of the French health territories with name.

Customizable interactive map of new regions of France. Compatible with all media.

New Regions of France localization clipart map Pack with Dom and Com outlines vector

SVG Map of postal areas in France identified by an attribute 'Id' corresponding to the postal code of the area and a 'title' label for the name of this area.

Free vector map of France new regions 2016 and departements.

Editable map of new regions of France for Excel, Word or Open Office.

Vector editable map of the whole course of the river La Loire with crossed departmental boundaries and major cities.

Vector map of the new cantons (districts) of France with Guadeloupe, Reunion and Mayotte. Each canton is named (non vectorized text).

Editable vector map of French old cantons provided with an Excel and csv list of all cantons.

Vector map of France with rivers and relief.

Map of French regions for ms office Word and Excel office software. Free editable map ready to use. France-region.doc France-regions.xls

Map Pack of the 101 departments of France for Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Illustrator.

Districts of France, editable vector map layered ​​by regions. Each district is an independent vector object and can be modified(color, shape, text, dimensions ...) Map supplied with the listing of the districts of France ( Excel XLS ).

HTML - javascript map with rollout effects. Each province can be link to a distinct URL, receive a distinct color and legend... For static or dynamic web-site (PHP,ASP...)

Test an example of these javascript maps

Vector Map of France re-drawing of electoral boundaries.

This script allows you to add clickable html links on the map or image of your choice.