France departements interactive map

France departements interactive map

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last update : may 31, 2014

New interactive and customizable maps using Javascript for interactivity and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) for mapping were created to replace the old maps using Flash ® technology.

Editable parameters of this map:

  • Map size (dimensions in pixels).
  • Background color (default color).
  • Color contours.
  • Color of each department.
  • Color non-active departments.
  • Text bubble-info.
  • Link each department.
  • Target links (new window, top frame ...).

Note: the url link can also be a script call, e-mail address or a file to download.

Info bubble and the board layout is managed by a CSS style.

This is also available in Joomla 3 module and WordPress plugin.

See a demo of the interactive SVG map>

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