The license to use is reserved for internal use of scripts and digital products.
The user license authorizes the licensee to use the scripts, vector maps and database for its internal use on a workstation and/or on an Internet domain indicated by the license.

Uses of scripts, digital products and data that do not provide direct or indirect economic benefit are also covered by this authorization as long as no copy is distributed by the licensee.
The licensee who wishes to integrate these products to respond to an order may acquire an operating license or an extension of his user license via his customer area, at any time after his order.

The exploitation license, allows Comersis scripts and digital products to be included in a communication document, a product*, or an achievement for a third party
The license exploitation authorizes you to digitally or physically reproduce the object of the license on any free or paid medium.



Use of free files


  • The free downloadable comersis files can be used in any physical or digital medium.
  • Under no circumstances may these files be the subject of a commercial transaction.
  • The Comersis logo of the application or file must remain visible (and clickable for digital applications to the site).
  • Removing the comersis or Cmap logo from a map signifies the purchase of the file with the consent of its user and acceptance of the terms of use.



Use of paid files


Purchasing scripts and digital products from gives you full use of our maps for print, multimedia, web and broadcast.
Each map purchase gives you free restriction a right of internal use or commercial exploitation of our maps in paper, multimedia, web and distribution, according to the license chosen at the time of download.

Unrestricted use for:

• Print media, including textbooks, newspapers, magazines, reports, directories.

• Digital media, including digital documents, presentations, proposals, reports, studies, etc

• advertising and promotional materials, including brochures, advertisements, product packaging,
book covers, and other printed incidental materials

• Website content

• Products intended for resale provided that the object of the license is not the main element of the product (see below):

This license does not allow you to:

• You may not sell or redistribute Comersis scripts and digital products "as is", i.e. as products.

• You may not offer for download or freely share copies of Comersis scripts and digital products.

• Use maps in resale products when the map is the main element of the
product (such as an atlas, poster map, or framed map). For such use, contact us.


Sharing maps with clients and workgroups

The license allows you to share the original map file(s) with your graphic design workgroup, as long as the group does not exceed 10 users. If your group graphic design work exceeds 10 people, you can purchase a multi-user network license.

If you are a media designer, webmaster, graphic designer, and you are using the map for a client project, you are permitted to deliver a copy of your final work electronically to your client for backup. However, if your customer wants to keep a copy of the original map file for future use, they must license their own copy.

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Last update: february 17, 2023

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