South America states map for Office

last update : december 27, 2022

Editable map of South America's states, built in vector, ready to use for Excel, Powerpoint and Word.

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South America states map for Office South America states map for Office 2


This download contains 1 Excel® workbooks :

  • South America-states-map.xlsx
  • And 1 Word® map pages :
  • South America-states-map.docx
  • and 1 Powerpoint slide :
  • South America-states-map.pptx

  • # Resizable : South America states map is drawn in vector wich allows a lossless image quality resize.

    # Splittable : By a simple MAJ+CLIC, you can select one or several areas (states) of this map in order to create a detail map view (a kind of zoom) and resize it as you need.

    # Colorable : Each division of this map (states) is independant. Borders, outlines, shapes, layout, texts can be modified *.

    # Linkable : You can add hypertext links on text and areas.

    # Exprotable : Once your map edited, you can save it as a PDF document, a simple image or a clickable HTML web map page*.

    South America states

    By default, maps are pre-colored in shades of orange or white. It's just a mouse click to change !

    * Read our tutorials.

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