Excel automatic map of World countries

Excel automatic map of World countriesclick on the map to enlarge

Excel map of the main countries of the world coloring according to a color chart and your figures.

last update : september 05, 2017

Excel macro maps automatically react to the values or listings you submit, by coloring each country according to a customizable color chart.

  1. Relative map, calculates the set of values to display progressive coloring.
  2. Map by sector, allows to create its sectors (code and color).
  3. Listing, coloring by copy / paste your own listing.
  • Vba script (macro) editable.
  • Customizable color chart.
  • Exportable in PDF, Web page, XPF or ODS (Open Document).

tags Excel,macro,world,country,color,map,figures,numbers,digit


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