Utilisation des cartes vectorielles.

  A vector file, or vector drawing, is an image made up of lines, shapes, colors and texts. Unlike so-called "Bitmap" or "Raster" images composed only of pixels.

The main advantage of maps drawn in vectors is their simplicity of modification and the possibility of splitting, coloring, captioning, resizing them without loss of quality. Thus, a vector image can be used at almost any size, from a business card to a 4 x 3 meter poster.

The main vector file formats:

There are different types of vector files which all have the same goal: to draw digitally.
The most used vector formats are Illustrator, EPS ( pour Encapsulated PostScript ), WMF et SVG.

Les principaux formats vectoriels

Open and edit a vector file:

Simple and quick to edit, vector image is compatible with many software, free or under licensed, such as Microsoft Word®, Excel, PowerPoint, Open Office suite, Inkscape (free), Illustrator, Corel Draw...

List of software for vector image file.

Les objets vectoriels :

L'extension des fichiers Illustrator est *.ai et *.ais pour les versions plus récentes.
Ce logiciel permet d'asembler des dessins en couches superposées : les calques.
Chaque partie de ces dessins sont appelés des objets, et peuvent être facilement
sélectionnés et modifiés indépendamment du reste du dessin.

Quelles autres cartes puis-je utiliser ?

L'extension des fichiers Illustrator est *.ai et *.ais pour les versions plus récentes.

Technical support

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