Using Excel Macro maps (vb).

Enter your data and click: the map is automatically colored!

  The choropleths maps for Excel® with macro enable without knowledge of Visual Basic (language used in macros) to color your map proportionally from the values that you will enter. This map is used directly on your computer and can be edited and saved like any other Excel file.

  • La feuille 'Carte' affichant la cartographie dynamique.
  • La feuille 'Légende' permettant de définir les echelles de couleurs
    (modifiable simplement avec le menu couleur de remplissage d'Excel)
  • La feuille 'Zone' listant exhaustivement les subdivisions (communes, cantons, pays, Epci...)
    ainsi que les valeurs que vous associerez.


How Excel choropleth maps work :

Let's take the example of the districts map of Paris; each district is listed in the 'Areas' sheet with its official Insee code, its postal code, its population (2022), plus a 'Value' cell where you will enter the value (number + decimals) that corresponds to this area.

Then open the 'Map' sheet and click on the 'Refresh' button... That's all !

Vous pouvez également utiliser la feuille annexe 'Listing' pour copier-coller vos données
(du moment qu'elles contiennent l'identifiant* de la commune concernée) et actualiser la carte.

* Whatever subdivisions are displayed on our maps, we systematically refer to the official geographical codes of the country concerned.
Dans cette exemple, France, Haute-Vienne, communes, c'est le Code Officiel Géographique de l'Insee qui est appliqué. Ces références sont bien entendu livrée avec votre carte dans la feuille 'Zone'.

We offer several divisions: municipalities, postal areas, cantons, intermunicipalities, districts...



Features of Excel macro maps

These Excel maps are presented in a workbook compatible with Excel® 2007, 2010, 2016, 365.

These files are totally inhert no need internet connexion, no external needs.


All maps in Excel format are constructed in vectors, which which allows resizing without loss of quality.


Each division of Exel macro map is an independent object. Its outlines, shapes, background, colors, texts may be modified.


You can also add hypertext links (addresses Web, E-mail...) to texts and areas.


Once your map has been edited, you can save it as a PDF document (Acrobat) to share it, or as a single image to embed on your documents or web pages.



Comment commander les cartes Excel Vba ?

Utiliser notre formulaire de commande, nous vous répondons sous 24 heures.


Technical support

For technical contact, thank you to specify the country area and kind of map (datas, spot, Multi, html, javascript, php ...) and send your request to this address: support



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