Maps of Russia

Map of Russian districts and provinces (oblasts, republics, okrugs). Each divisions is a separated vector object. Illustrator, Eps, Svg and Acrobat Pdf editable files.

Outlines of Russia with border countries. Illustrator, Svg and Flash files. Free to download and use.


84 republic

Adygeya, Respublika, Altay, Respublika, Altayskiy kray, Amurskaya oblast', Arkhangel'skaya oblast', Astrakhanskaya oblast', Bashkortostan, Respublika, Belgorodskaya oblast', Bryanskaya oblast', Buryatiya, Respublika, Chechenskaya Respublika, Chelyabinskaya oblast', Chukotskiy avtonomnyy okrug, Chuvashskaya Respublika, Dagestan, Respublika, Ingushskaya Respublika [Respublika Ingushetiya], Irkutskaya oblast', Ivanovskaya oblast', Kabardino-Balkarskaya Respublika, Kaliningradskaya oblast', Kalmykiya, Respublika, Kaluzhskaya oblast', Kamchatskaya oblast', Karachayevo-Cherkesskaya Respublika, Kareliya, Respublika, Kemerovskaya oblast', Khabarovskiy kray, Khakasiya, Respublika, Khanty-Mansiyskiy avtonomnyy okrug [Yugra], Kirovskaya oblast', Komi, Respublika, Komi-Permyak, Kostromskaya oblast', Krasnodarskiy kray, Krasnoyarskiy kray, Kurganskaya oblast', Kurskaya oblast', Leningradskaya oblast', Lipetskaya oblast', Magadanskaya oblast', Mariy El, Respublika, Mordoviya, Respublika, Moskovskaya oblast', Moskva, Murmanskaya oblast', Nenetskiy avtonomnyy okrug, Nizhegorodskaya oblast', Novgorodskaya oblast', Novosibirskaya oblast', Omskaya oblast', Orenburgskaya oblast', Orlovskaya oblast', Penzenskaya oblast', Perm, Primorskiy kray, Pskovskaya oblast', Rostovskaya oblast', Ryazanskaya oblast', Sakha, Respublika [Yakutiya], Sakhalinskaya oblast', Samarskaya oblast', Sankt-Peterburg, Saratovskaya oblast', Severnaya Osetiya, Respublika [Alaniya] [Respublika Severnaya Osetiya-Alaniya], Smolenskaya oblast', Stavropol'skiy kray, Sverdlovskaya oblast', Tambovskaya oblast', Tatarstan, Respublika, Tomskaya oblast', Tul'skaya oblast', Tverskaya oblast', Tyumenskaya oblast', Tyva, Respublika [Tuva], Udmurtskaya Respublika, Ul'yanovskaya oblast', Vladimirskaya oblast', Volgogradskaya oblast', Vologodskaya oblast', Voronezhskaya oblast', Yamalo-Nenetskiy avtonomnyy okrug, Yaroslavskaya oblast', Yevreyskaya avtonomnaya oblast', Zabajkal'skij kraj,